Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Day We Don't Do...

Here at The Infertility Closet, we don't do Mothers' Day.

I know some of you subscribers/readers are mothers, and I mean no offense, but a Mothers' Day post is not in the works here.

My husband is out of town, I woke up to a dog hairball, and my own family is so jacked up that the only moms-day communication I had with my mom was I sent her a text & she wrote back.

Yesterday I found out a friend from beauty school is pregnant again... After having a baby in November. It's a "surprise". Yeah. Kick me when I'm down.

so, Happy Sunday Like Any Other, everyone!!!


  1. Every darn time I try to comment Google gives me some crap.

  2. Okay, now we are back in the business...anyways the last post before this I laughed...laughed and laughed. You say exactly what I am feeling each and every day. Love you!