Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Whoa! Been gone a while

Wow.  Looks like I've been gone for a while, huh?  Couple good reasons for that.  I was blogging from my phone, which died, so I got another, and it's difficult to do a lot of posting from my new one.  I mean, I bet it's easy cuz it's Android powered, but it's my first fully touch screen and that's a little frustrating for typing sometimes.

Also, I haven't had much to say.  Still rampantly infertile, lol.  I had a period from hell that lasted nearly three months, which was SUPER annoying, but now it's gone and I'm looking forward to resuming life as I know it.

Steve is driving truck again for a very good company.  Lots of loads, lots of time out AND lots of time home, too.  I get to see him a couple days out of a week... which I've been known to complain about, but really I'm lucky, because a lot of trucker wives only get to see their husbands like once or twice a month.  That is totally sucky.

Also I can't stand my job.  Steve told me to get a job doing something else and just do hair out of the house for a while... I might do that.  I just hate working in a place that punishes you if you're not "good enough" but doesn't really do anything to reward you when you meet/soar above their standards.  That's corporate life, and that's not for me.  Hairdressing shouldn't have so many rules.

I will also be turning the Tiny Giraffe blog into a craft blog, and it will be linked to my etsy shop (which only has two pieces of art in it, LAME).

So that's me! :)  I will try and keep up with the blogging a little more.  The next installment will be all adoption information and how mindblowingly frustrating it is getting for me...

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  1. Hi lover. I couldnt find your link until right now on my new computer :) I miss you!