Thursday, July 21, 2011

I am terrible at thinking of titles

The period from hell returned, so I kicked it to the curb with a pack of birth control I had.  These last two weeks without a period have been soooo nice.  It's gonna be sad when they're gone, lol.  I mean, TTC is kind of pointless if I'm on the pill, but if I just constantly bleed when I'm not on it, then that's counterproductive too.

One more week of pills to go.  I wish this pill countdown was to prepare my body for IVF or something.  I'm just tired of not being a parent.  Pregnant, adopting, doesn't matter.  Just tired of being only little old me with my little old pets and my little old husband I don't see often enough.

We're less than a month away from our big yearly Chicago vacation, though!  And Steve is taking me to the Bristol Renaissance Faire (over by the Wisconsin/Illinois border) because it's going to be PIRATE WEEKEND!!!!!  Man... Chicago, the Aquarium, Floyd's, Ikea, Legoland, AND Pirate Weekend?!  Squee overload.  So much to cram into 3 days and I am SO very excited!

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