Saturday, March 19, 2011

CD12: The fun part!

we are on CD12 & in the fun doin-it stages. Yesss. FF thinks I should probably be ovulating right now, but I know one thing FF does not! My cycles have regulated to a 24 (sometimes 25) day pattern... And (the more you knooowww) a 10 day LP! So... If I take today, count out the rest of my cycle, it takes me to the 31st... Count back 10ish days, O should actually take place 21st to 22nd, so I've got a good couple days in there before it's crunch time...

Also that means AF would show up on OH APRIL FIRST. WHAT A SHOCK. An april fools day guest. Watch me get the most picture perfect evap that day. I'll go ballistic.

so peeps, I need your prayerizzles. LEFT SIDE OVULATION ONLY PLZKTHX. If I fire one off on the right again, we're up blocked tube creek without a paddle.

also, anyone who follows this, could you be a peach and follow my art blog? I feel super lame cuz nobody follows me. I can't post it on TMP because I don't wanna pay... It's not actually making me any money cuz ppl don't know it exists: Tiny Giraffe Studio.

I feel super dumb posting when nobody reads it lol. Also pass it along to any other people you think might be remotely interested in mixed media abstracts...

I'm asking an awful lot of you, huh? Remember: you love me.

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  1. I'm reading!! And sending you left side O vibes, LOL