Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CD15 & stuff

Let me just start by saying I'm appalled at how rude people can be. I guess when you assume things it's easy to make idiotic statements & completely miss the whole point of a conversation. Um, I am trying to help, but I can't help if I don't have info, therefore I have to ask questions that were probably already answered at some point. Don't be a defensive jerk about it. If it weren't for the AMAZING people I met at that site, I would make a big scene & split. I just don't take well to being disrespected.

anyway onto more pressing things.... The whole reason for this blog: My Infertility!

Well here we are, CD15. I got a pretty positive OPK yesterday. It was on a blue handled IC from Amazon. The only TRUE positive I've gotten was on a green handled OPK from early-pregnancy-tests.com. Come to think of it, the really good positives I see are usually on green handles, so maybe I'll get those next time if this cycle is a bust.

so I'm guessing O was yesterday. I was really crampy, but also really gassy, so it was hard to determine if they were O or gas cramps sometimes...

I've been sore on the left side though so that's good! Maybe all that lefty juju & inspirational song writing on TMP has really motivated my body to do the right thing this time around.

so... I'm in the 2WW now I guess. Oh joy, such a wonderful time. I'm going to try not to think about it so much & just assume Af will be here in 10 days.. Maybe longer if my B6 is doing its job.

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