Monday, March 14, 2011

CD7. Struggling.

CD7 & AF is on her way out. Just down to pinkish spotting. Thank goodness I did NOT want another 12 day-er like last month!

I am struggling. I would like to be glad that other people are pregnant, but not all of them can seem to be tactful about it... The facebook widgets that put the weekly growth updates on my news feed, the one broad that just announced her pregnancy and thusly will not shut the eff up about it... It's just a lot of bullcrap... And I am feeling weak. Too weak to deal with other peoples' "priceless" antics.

I have been extremely tired lately & I don't know why. I don't know if it's leftover sickness or stress or what.

at least I start my new job tomorrow... Well not really "start", but I gotta go in & watch some videos & probably go over a handbook or whatevs.

I'm excited to start this cycle so it can come & go. I'm not holding out a ton of hope for this one, but you never ever know. As my pastors wife told me today "God's got your best interests at heart". True Story.

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